the Knitter. in Paris. @theknitter by @laurabourjac

Nicole Leybourne. A kiwi, a Libra sun, an Aquarius rising, a fluffy animal enthusiast, a romantic, a toast lover, a tea drinker, a curious soul,
a knitter; the Knitter.

Happy, handmade knitwear, lovingly designed and made in New Zealand and Peru.

The demand for Nicole's happy knits quickly outgrew her small team of hand knitters in New Zealand. Each knit is now brought to life somewhere in between the beautiful lands of New Zealand and the magic of Peru, where Nicole’s team continues to evolve and grow. Using soft mohair yarns from New Zealand, fluffy alpaca and sheep wool sourced from the Peruvian Highlands; Nicole's belief in supporting small communities, ethical labour and a sustainable way of life, is of utmost importance.

Knitted together in homes, and not in overcrowded factories, by humble hands, and using century old methods, Nicole's knits are stitched together in a world where fairy dust and magic are real.

Yarns, gathered from local, family run farms, where mulesing is not practiced, are both natural and biodegradable.
The fibres are combed, spun, and coloured, using low impact dyes, certified by Oeko Tex and REACH.

the Knitter. is self taught, curious at heart, and believes in being brave and vulnerable, kind and daring, with dreams that are ambitious, but filled with life and colour. The planets, Venus and Uranus, both rule the Knitter.’s world; a place where boundaries, discrimination, convention and anything serious cannot exist. But where love rules all. Our world is both fleeting and ridiculous, but never boring. At times, just a little bit unpredictable, and almost always impractical. We’d love for you to come and dance with us in our silly little world, to make yourselves at home on our planets.
See you soon.

With love and fairy dust,
the Knitter.


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