The Bubblegum


The Bubblegum jumper is made by hand, using natures incredibly soft Mohair. Because Mohair is a natural resource and because the Knitter.'s jumpers are made by hand, there will be the odd imperfection, due to natures ways. But this isn't a bad thing. Generally speaking, nothing in life is perfect. 

The Bubblegum should not be washed, but if needed, wash by hand, and left to dry in a cool spot in the shade. Warm water may slightly shrink your garment, so it is best to stick to cool water. Never tumble dry. It is also best to keep your jumper folded and not on a hanger. This way your jumper will keep its shape. the Knitter. recommends keeping washing to an absolute minimum and only if really necessary.

Mohair has a tendency to malt, it is not a defect, but rather a natural process. 

The Bubblegum is made to one size.

Please note, all prices are in USD.

One Bubblegum, Please.

Additional Info

Mohair blend.

Actual garment colours might differ slightly from images.

the Knitter. does not currently offer a refund or a returns policy. Please choose your woolly friend carefully.

All prices are in USD.